Monday, July 8, 2019

Write Your Own Story

"My favorite Hofstra memory? Can I say every memory? All of the above? I guess it’s less so a memory and really just the people I’ve met here. I’ve traveled with the Pep Band. Studied with friends. Gone out to eat. And it’s always with these people who I genuinely consider family. Whether it is helping to run movies for Entertainment Unlimited or playing with the Pep Band on debate day, my family has grown to include some truly wonderful people. So my favorite memories are not the events themselves but the people I’ve shared these moments with.
I’ve learned a lot during my time here. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is to never be content. When I first came to Hofstra, I was going to be a film studies and production major. I switched to drama. Then I decided to pursue a master’s degree in creative writing. But now I’m studying public relations. Hofstra lets you explore your options and decide which directions you want to take. And those directions can change. I’m really fortunate that my family, not just my friends at Hofstra but also my actual family, have always been supportive of me. My parents always said to just keep going. Another example of this is more personal. I came out as gay the summer before my junior year. It was just something about Hofstra and the friends I made here that made me realize who I was but also that it’s okay to break societal norms. That’s how we grow. You need to be open to growth because you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.
I’m writing my own story here at Hofstra, which is weird because everything I’ve ever wanted to pursue has been about telling stories. Whether it’s playing the trombone, being involved in drama, or studying public relations – it’s all about evoking an emotion through the stories I’m telling. So that’s it – my story is telling stories."

-Chris Gadd '18, '20
BFA, Drama
MA, Public Relations

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