Monday, August 5, 2019

Group Chat

Check out some of our favorite spots on campus in our newest Skype session!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Music To Our Ears; From Pride To Jazz

Hofstra University senior guard Justin Wright-Foreman took another step in his incredible journey as he was selected by the Utah Jazz with the 53rd pick (second round) in the 2019 National Basketball Association draft, held on Thursday evening at the Barclays Center. 
Wright-Foreman is the 12th player in program history to be taken in the NBA draft. He is the first since Charles Jenkins was drafted 44th (second round) by the Golden State Warriors in 2011. 
Wright-Foreman finished second nationally in scoring this season with 27.1 points per game. He closed his career with 2,327 points and ranks second all-time at Hofstra behind Jenkins (2,513). Wright-Foreman concluded his career by scoring in double figures in 88 consecutive games, the seventh-longest streak in the history of NCAA Division I. He also ranks second all-time in program history with 277 three-pointers. 
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Monday, July 8, 2019

Write Your Own Story

"My favorite Hofstra memory? Can I say every memory? All of the above? I guess it’s less so a memory and really just the people I’ve met here. I’ve traveled with the Pep Band. Studied with friends. Gone out to eat. And it’s always with these people who I genuinely consider family. Whether it is helping to run movies for Entertainment Unlimited or playing with the Pep Band on debate day, my family has grown to include some truly wonderful people. So my favorite memories are not the events themselves but the people I’ve shared these moments with.
I’ve learned a lot during my time here. The most valuable thing I’ve learned is to never be content. When I first came to Hofstra, I was going to be a film studies and production major. I switched to drama. Then I decided to pursue a master’s degree in creative writing. But now I’m studying public relations. Hofstra lets you explore your options and decide which directions you want to take. And those directions can change. I’m really fortunate that my family, not just my friends at Hofstra but also my actual family, have always been supportive of me. My parents always said to just keep going. Another example of this is more personal. I came out as gay the summer before my junior year. It was just something about Hofstra and the friends I made here that made me realize who I was but also that it’s okay to break societal norms. That’s how we grow. You need to be open to growth because you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.
I’m writing my own story here at Hofstra, which is weird because everything I’ve ever wanted to pursue has been about telling stories. Whether it’s playing the trombone, being involved in drama, or studying public relations – it’s all about evoking an emotion through the stories I’m telling. So that’s it – my story is telling stories."

-Chris Gadd '18, '20
BFA, Drama
MA, Public Relations

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Power to Communicate

"I started writing for my high school’s newspaper in the ninth grade. We were given the opportunity to attend the Hofstra High School Summer Journalism Institute, which promotes diversity in media. So that’s where I really developed my writing skills.
Writing helps me to communicate with people better. So even though journalism isn’t my major, the skills I’ve gained during my time at the Institute will definitely help me in my future career. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even contribute to some medical journals one day.
I’ll be attending Hofstra in the fall as a psychology major on the pre-med track. I like the environment here on campus. The community is very much alive. That’s ultimately what made me want to apply. I remember walking around campus while I was here for the Journalism Institute, and I heard these students speaking a variety of languages. It was so cool, and it made me realize how much I wanted to be here. But what helped me to make my final decision once I was accepted was attending Admitted Student Day and seeing how dedicated the faculty were to the students and the material they taught. They were all just ready to take us under their wing and teach us."
-Mikelley Baptiste ‘23
Psychology & Pre-Med

Monday, April 8, 2019

IG Story Takeover with Anna Kizito '21

Collegiate Women of Color's Anna Kizito '21 took us through her day! Kizito is a political science and english major at Hofstra.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Meet Rhea!

"When I first came to Hofstra, I was under the impression that I would only be involved with my major, but that was not the case at all. During my time at Hofstra I have been involved with so many organizations. I am a finance major but I still have been a part of TranscenDANCE, Student Government Association and Unispan Records. And within my major, I was able to get involved with the dinance department and work on the Bloomberg terminals during my first year! As a Resident Assistant and a Pride Guide, I can connect with so many first-year students and help them join the PRIDE. 

My Hofstra journey began during the first presidential debate in 2016 and in the span of those three days I got the opportunity to work with ABC News, NBC News and FOX News." -Rhea '20

Monday, March 4, 2019

Izzy's Favorite Study Spot

"My favorite place to study on campus is on the 10th floor of the Axinn Library. The 10th floor is also known as the silent floor – where you’re not supposed to talk. This makes it super easy to concentrate on getting work done. Not only that, but on a clear day, there’s a fabulous view of the New York City skyline! Not only is it a beautiful view, but it’s a great reminder of how close the city really is. Living on a beautiful, flourishing campus while being able to travel to the city that never sleeps in only 40 minutes is incredible- and it’s a great thing to remember when trying to study for a Geography exam!" -Izzy '19