Monday, June 24, 2019

The Power to Communicate

"I started writing for my high school’s newspaper in the ninth grade. We were given the opportunity to attend the Hofstra High School Summer Journalism Institute, which promotes diversity in media. So that’s where I really developed my writing skills.
Writing helps me to communicate with people better. So even though journalism isn’t my major, the skills I’ve gained during my time at the Institute will definitely help me in my future career. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even contribute to some medical journals one day.
I’ll be attending Hofstra in the fall as a psychology major on the pre-med track. I like the environment here on campus. The community is very much alive. That’s ultimately what made me want to apply. I remember walking around campus while I was here for the Journalism Institute, and I heard these students speaking a variety of languages. It was so cool, and it made me realize how much I wanted to be here. But what helped me to make my final decision once I was accepted was attending Admitted Student Day and seeing how dedicated the faculty were to the students and the material they taught. They were all just ready to take us under their wing and teach us."
-Mikelley Baptiste ‘23
Psychology & Pre-Med

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