Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pride Guides take on Boston

Question: what happens when two experienced tour guides travel to Boston, where they take a variety of campus tours? 

Well, just ask our fellow Pride Guides Katie Gilleran and Kristen Misak. They had the opportunity travel to Boston to attend the 2016 Student Development Institute hosted by the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association (CIVSA), with our Assistant Director for Campus Visit Andrew Cohen and Graduate Assistant Nicole Ruscio. Our Pride Guides were able to experience what it's like to be a prospective college student taking numerous campus tours. They went into different buildings of the schools, noticed differences between the living arrangements, and even realized how many talking points were the same at all schools (blue light system, quiet floors in the library, student centers...).

Our Pride Guides are excited now more than ever to welcome you to Hofstra's campus and to put into practice all of the things learned on the inspiring campus tours they were able to join.

From this semester on, we will be focusing on what makes Hofstra unique. Many prospective students already know that Hofstra is a good school, so now we have to show them why Hofstra is the best fit for them. We are going to focus our tours on showing prospective students how our students find Pride and Purpose on Hofstra's campus.

When you schedule your tour to visit Hofstra, start to think about these questions:
  • Approximately how many campus tours have you been on in the past month?
  • About how many of those schools mentioned the blue light system?
  • How many mentioned the infamous “quiet floors” in the library?
  • How many tour guides were able to explain how Pride and Purpose are embodied all throughout campus?
By the end of your tour, the last answer should just be one: HOFSTRA!

Written by: Nicole A. Ruscio, Graduate Assistant

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