Friday, September 19, 2014

Roll call! What's your favorite class?

With so many amazing classes at Hofstra, it can be hard to pick just one favorite. However, I found a couple of Pride Guides that were able to do just that!

I started with Olivia Levine, a junior Political Science major here at Hofstra. She talked all about how much she loved Constitution Law. Although the material of the class drew her in, her professor was the one that made her stay! Her professor is also a federal prosecutor in the Nassau County area that teaches through his life experiences and makes the class extremely hands on and interesting.

Following Olivia, I asked Julissa Hoogeveen, a junior health science major, the same question. Her favorite class is Chronic and Communicable Diseases. Her love for this class was due to the inspiring words of Dr. Kaden, who made everyday diseases seem interesting and fun to learn about!

Next was Damian Gallagher, a sophomore majoring in political science with a minor in legal studies and business. He loved Law, Politics and Society because of its non-traditional class setting. It was formatted as questions being posed to the class by the professor and the class addressed the question as though they were on the Supreme Court. This class really encouraged Damian’s love for law and his desire to reinforce corporate constitutional rights.

After Damian was Justin Chesney, a sophomore drama major. His favorite class here at Hofstra was Stars and Galaxies. Justin talked about how this class discussed many recent discoveries that really interested him, and also loved getting to look through the telescope!

Daniel Artuso, a junior drama major, had a completely different opinion: His favorite class at Hofstra was his Italian class! He loved his professor and was excited about how he can now communicate with his family members in Italy.

Finally, I asked Emily Levine, who is a sophomore public relations major, what her favorite class was. Emily loves her PR 100 class with Ellen Frisina, who makes the class so interesting and engaging that the whole class can’t help but pay attention.

Now it’s your turn: What is your favorite class at Hofstra?

By Carly Gasiewski, junior public relations and dance major

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