Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Training: Pride Guide Style

While having Hofstra pride comes naturally as a student, learning all of the fun facts and news about Hofstra is a different story! That’s why we kick off every semester with a training to ensure that our Pride Guides give you and your families the latest information to help you make a decision! This semester was no different as we held our training this past Sunday, and it was a blast! 

Your 2016-17 Pride Guide Team!

The day started off with some group photos and the Pride Guide Awards! We shared who we felt was the class clown, most involved, who had the coolest internships, and even who had the most Hofstra Pride! After some laughs and stories behind the votes, it was time to move on to some serious business. 

We covered some changes in the office, how hosting the upcoming presidential debate will impact tours and events, and the e-board’s goals for the Pride Guide program. And after a lunch break, it was time to return to the fun in the first-ever Pride Guide Olympics! We all teamed up with some themes in mind and made our way to the fields to play the games! 

Team "Maroon 5"

Activities included putting on a frozen shirt, eating an oreo from our foreheads without using our hands, scavenger trivia, and more!

Playing Water Overflow

There was shouting, cheering, and laughing galore, especially when Mystery Inc. won the games!  We all had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again soon! We could not be more prepared and excited for the rest of the semester!

Team "Mystery Inc." wins the Olympics!

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