Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pride Guide Internship Spotlight

I have been interning for FXCM, one of the world’s premier, and one of two New York Stock Exchange listed foreign exchange trading brokers, since the beginning of the summer of 2015. Forex trading, which is a relatively new but increasingly popular way to trade in the credit market, is based off of the world’s currency rates, which vary heavily due to movements in the international monetary market. Just as the US dollar fluctuates in value by the second, every other currency does the same, and hundreds of thousands of clients trade based on these movements. In recent months, due to the uneasiness in areas like Europe and China, Forex trading has been an exciting and ever-changing environment.

Alexandra Goldstein
Major: Economics
Year: Senior
Quick selfie during my lunch break :)

I work two days a week as a Financial Trading Specialist intern, which means that I have learned to specialize in every specificity of trading currencies, and I communicate these to clients. I am also in charge of some pretty extensive data analysis. I have recently been creating a Global Complaints Report that will be sent to the company's CEO, as well as to the federal financial regulators.

The view from my desk oat 55 Water Street in Manhattan’s financial district.

Interning at FXCM has been an experience that has allowed me to learn so much about a powerful, emerging market, and as a student of international economics, these are exactly the skills to be learning. Only, instead of reading through a textbook, I get to work hands-on with the current market conditions, building professional connections on an international basis (since FXCM is a global company, I now have bosses and friends in places like London, Paris, and Jerusalem), and spending part of my week on Wall Street.

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