Thursday, September 10, 2015

Meet The Pride Guides: Mehrab Ahsan

Name: Mehrab Ahsan
Hometown: New Hyde Park
Major: Biochemistry

1. Why did you apply to be a Pride Guide?
I applied to be a Pride Guide because I felt that I wanted to give back to Hofstra's community and show students what an amazing university we are a part of. Its been really awesome to work on leadership skills and public speaking skills, as well, since those will be really useful in the real world.

 2. What is your favorite stop on tour?
My favorite stop on the tour is the student center because of the A.C that hits the group on hot summer days! Just kidding, it's actually because of how many awesome amenities we have to offer in the center. It's a really great way to move into residential living and showcase all of the fun things that go on on campus.

 3. What is something you would change about your first year at Hofstra? 
I would probably have lived on campus. I'm not really a homebody, so after moving onto campus in my sophomore year, I felt that I missed some of the chances to meet other students from my graduating class. You're really able to connect with other students in first-year residential halls like the Netherlands!

4. If you were a jellybean, what flavor would you be and why?
 I would be one of those mystery flavored ones because you'll never know what I'm gonna do next!

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