Tuesday, July 28, 2015

True Life: I'm in Honors College

Laura Bennett is a junior from Great Neck, NY majoring in Physics and Biochemistry. She was invited to join Hofstra's Honors College as a first-year student and has been enjoying it ever since! Let's hear about it in Laura's own words.

When I first received my acceptance letter to Hofstra University, I also received an invitation to the Honors College, which has truly impacted my college experience in more ways than I could imagine. When choosing my residence hall for my first year, I decided to live in honors housing, where I met so many great people including my best friend and future roommate.

Before coming to Hofstra, I was concerned that my grades might suffer as a result of taking honors classes, but for once, I’m very happy to be wrong. I take one or two of my classes for honors credit every semester, and I can honestly say that if anything, my grades in these classes have improved because of my honors involvement. It is little bit of extra work, but it usually extends the scope of the course, which really deepens my understanding of the material.

Outside of the classroom, there are so many fun (free) trips run by the Honors College that go into New York City on a regular basis. I’ve received invitations to everything from Broadway shows to Yankees games, and it’s always a blast! If you have the opportunity, I’d highly recommend going on as many trips as possible (and grabbing free coffee and snacks from the Honors College office!)

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