Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer in Spain: Mehrab's work with the Atlantis Project

Mehrab Ahsan is a junior from New Hyde Park, New York majoring in Biochemistry. He is currently spending 3 weeks in Spain shadowing doctors and learning about a foreign health care system. He gave us an update of how he is spending his time abroad!

Atlantis Project

I'm part of the Atlantis Project and it's basically a program where I'm shadowing doctors in hospitals in Toledo, Spain, watching various surgeries which I wouldn't be able to see in the United States! I get to see how the Spanish healthcare system works, as well as the fact that I'm teaching doctors how to improve their English in biweekly sessions.

Spanish Paella

Streets of Segovia 

Alongside all of that, I've made friends with everyone in my program and have been able to travel around lots of places in Spain like Madrid, Segovia, the ancient Roman city of Spain, and have experienced all the awesome things that the Spanish culture has to offer.

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