Friday, March 13, 2015

Hofstra Pride from around the world

Pride Guide Cristina caught up with some international students on campus to hear their thoughts on life here at Hofstra University.

"Flat" Kate and Willie at Wuxi International School in China
Photo credit: Ying Qiu
“There is a place for everyone here and it’s evident with the over 200 clubs we have.”
– Mariana Maroto, Costa Rica

“Hofstra professors pay close attention to students, they care about my learning and keep me motivated. They show us how to apply our knowledge to real life situations. ”
– Gabriella Sampaio, Brazil

“I like that people at Hofstra are so open, I can walk across campus and see familiar (smiling) faces. The free Entertainment Unlimited trips are great and there is a very strong and loving community of international students.”
– Sarah Gerwens, Germany

“The diversity and small classrooms with great faculty is what I found unique about Hofstra my freshman year.”
– Michelle Suarez, Peru

“I like being part of the Hofstra community, it has become my second home.”
– Jaipreet Ghuman, India

“Because Hofstra is relatively small school it’s easier to make friends. I joined the tennis team my first semester and they automatically felt like family.”
– Carmen Pestano Hernandez, Spain

“I came to Hofstra because it’s close to NYC. 30 minutes is all it takes to get to the city.”
– Ricky Hendler, South Africa

“I like the fact that you can make friends from all around the world at Hofstra.”
– Roberto Montano, Guatemala

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