Monday, December 8, 2014

Fighting the finals frenzy with Stressbusters

It’s that time of year again when everyone is excited for winter break, but also stressing about all the finals that are quickly approaching! It is extremely easy to lose yourself in the stress of finals week, so in an effort to help, Hofstra provides their annual Stressbusters events to all students!

Available December 11-17, Hofstra’s Office of Student Leadership & Activities will be hosting a bunch of events:
• Free Grab & Go Breakfast as you run to the library or a final
• A total 90’s Throwback Thursday with a Bop It! Tournament
• Pet Therapy, where dogs are brought in just for you to play with and pet your stress away!
• Free professional massages to work those stress knots out!
• Late Night Breakfast, which can be argued as the biggest event at Hofstra
• Study areas that provide you with free tutoring, writing revisions and help, and of course, free food!

Besides all of these great events being provided, remember to take care of yourself while studying as well. We all know having a lot of studying to do can be extremely overwhelming, but don’t forget to stay healthy. Get some sleep, manage your time, remember to eat full meals and take some well-needed breaks (which you can do by attending these awesome Stressbusters events.)

Good luck with finals and enjoy your winter break!

By Carly Gasiewski, junior public relations and dance major

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