Friday, September 5, 2014

And we're back!

Welcome back Hofstra students! Although the weather still feels like summer, the school year is finally here and it’s time to get back to work. The first few weeks of school can be tough to get through, but here are just a couple of tips to make them great!
First thing’s first: Make a new friend this week! Nothing will make you more excited than meeting someone new who is going to make you look forward about going to a class, a club, or just about the rest of the year.
Secondly, get involved in something new. Whether that is a new club, a new minor, or anything else, try something new this year!
Also, set some goals for yourself for the rest of the semester. Maybe you want to make the dean’s list, eat better, exercise more, or even get an awesome Hofstra cat picture, but whatever that goal is, make sure it is one that you can do this semester!
Being that this is only the first week back, take advantage of your free time and get some rest. We all know that everything is going to start picking up again and you’ll be busier than ever, so use the time while you can.
Most of all, just remember that is only the first week and that you still have the whole semester to make positive changes, get involved and strive at Hofstra!

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