Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Visit Hofstra?

          Hofstra's academic reputation is definitely one the school can brag about. With 10 different schools and programs within Hofstra, there is a major for everyone, mostly because you can choose from over 100 different majors. Every member of the esteemed faculty is beyond qualified and many faculty members are in ,or was at one point, in the field they are teaching you about. What is also great about classes here is how small they are, even though there is a big student body. Most classes have 15 to 20 students per class, so you really get the opportunity to know your professor and get the most of out a class! Hofstra really can prepare you for a life of success your very first day! 
If I didn't cover everything you needed to know, check out our website!

         It is no secret to anyone that Hofstra is extremely proud of its 240-acre campus campus, which is also only 25 miles outside of New York City. South Campus is home to all the academic buildings on campus, advisement, financial aid and the Stadium! North Campus is our residential side that has all our dorms but also has our sport fields, basketball stadium, fitness center, pool, etc! However, what each side has in common is the amazing food options, which is of course so important, and the beautiful foliage Hofstra prides themselves on. From our famous tulips to the thousands of trees, campus is really something everyone has to see for themselves. Go look at any of Hofstra's students phone and I will guarantee they are still taking pictures of campus no matter how long they have been here.  

          The opportunities at Hofstra are truly endless. Want to double major and have two minors and have three internships  You can do that here. Want to start your own club? You can do that here. Want to get involved with community service events? You can do it here. Interested in studying abroad? You can do that here. We also can't forget about all our various sports teams and the 200 student organizations run on campus as well. You truly have the chance to do almost anything you want to at Hofstra, so it is so important to get involved!! Hofstra is giving you thousands of opportunities and all you have to do it take them! 

Even more interested in Hofstra now? Well you are in luck! This Sunday, October 27, Hofstra is hosting a Fall Open House starting at 9am! Register today and get to experience every opportunity! Explore the campus, meet the Deans, ask questions, talk to current students, find out about financial aid, but mostly importantly, find why Hofstra is the right school for you! Go register now! http://www.hofstra.edu/Admission/adm_regevents.cfm?et=77

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