Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Freshman year!

As I jump into my finals and the last week of the semester, I feel it's only appropriate to reflect on my first year of college at Hofstra.

Rewinding to the beginning, there was orientation and welcome week, the fear of starting someplace new and the sense of adventure. And then all of a sudden I was a first year at a big and confusing, yet gorgeous campus, where I consistently got lost during my first few weeks.

There was the crazy excitement that I experienced at the student involvement fair, the first real college experience where I was introduced to the rest of the student body, and I discovered how to get involved on campus.

There was that moment when I bought my first Hofstra sweatshirt.

There was the dorm decorating and meeting my roommate extravaganza.

There was the first day of classes where I learned how to effectively maneuver through my college classes. And where I discovered the professors who taught me to fall in love with the subject they taught.

There was the changing of majors and the changing of departments, trying out new things, and joining clubs I never thought I'd join that helped me define who I am during my time in college.

There was the first time I went into the city with my college friends and when I finally figured out how to figure out the subway system.

There was the lectures and events on campus I found myself at because I just wanted to learn even if I had no previous knowledge of the subject.

There was the Debate and all the opportunities and craze that encompassed campus.

There was the Hofstra cats that stalked around campus and made me miss my bundle of fur I left at home.

And of course, there was all the tulips and all the grand memories.

Say hi if you see me on campus next semester! :)

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