Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ready to take on the pride?

It’s once again that time of year where a new group of students is stuck making the decision on what college or university they should consider. I get it, I was a high school senior in the same shoes last year. But no fear, the college searching experience shouldn’t be a scary one, because when you know where you’re supposed to be, it just clicks and you feel at home in that place. Hofstra is an incredible university and was the perfect choice for me.

Hofstra really puts an emphasis on leadership and the ability to take the initiative and reach your goals.

Being located so close to the city, about a 30-minute train ride, the opportunities are endless with internship opportunities and things to do.

The professors really care about their students and want to help and see you succeed. It really is daunting walking into a classroom with a professor who appears to have this endless reserve of knowledge, but under all of their professional status, they are real people who just want to have a conversation with you about life and your career goals and dreams.

There is always something to do on campus. With weekly concerts, weekend movies, and student life events there is always something to do and always some way to get involved.

Healthy living is the new green, not only do we offer organic food options in the student center, but we also have a living learning housing option for students interested in healthy living can live with students who have a similar mindset. Right now, students can also get involved in the walking challenge, which encourages fitness.

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