Wednesday, December 12, 2012


With finals just around the corner, this time of year is the definitely the busiest. However, the holiday cheer isn’t lost in the exam cramming and paper writing time period that takes up most of a Hofstra student's time right now.

There is definitely a shared love for cookies and hot chocolate on campus, there’s not a single student life event where you can’t find both of those things, which is fantastic, because I’m absolutely in love with these small holiday delights.

The holiday spirit has infected everyone with the lighting of Hofstra Hall and ugly sweater movie nights. The spirit was also something students shared through the toy drive on campus. 

Hogwarts has also officially come to Hofstra with our Quidditch team’s winter mini-tournament to help kick start the holiday season. 

Nothing shares the holiday cheer better than showing off your hofpride!

Holiday surprises are my person favorite part of this season, tweet @HofPrideGuide and @HofstraU with all the holiday surprises you’ve discovered this season!

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