Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feel the Pride

College is a time for discovering yourself and your passions.  It’s a time for trying new things and broadening your horizons. It’s a time to get involved in opportunities only Hofstra can offer.

I remember move-in day almost like it was yesterday. The rush of setting up my dorm, meeting roommates and new friends, wandering around campus hopelessly lost, and getting excited as I waited for the semester to start: it was a crazy exciting time.

Right away, it was so easy for me to connect and reach out to my professors. The small class sizes really allowed me to talk one-on-one with my professors and I knew I wasn’t just a number in their class, but a student they actually knew and cared about. Not only did my professors share their vast knowledge inside of the classroom, but they also helped outside the classroom by sharing knowledge of conferences and events happening on campus to sharing possible internship opportunities and were happy to be used as references.

At first, living away from home was very daunting, but my Resident Assistants were eager to help me out with all my questions and my friends have also become my second family at college. Now, going home is hard because I feel like I’m also leaving my home to go home.

Walking to and from classes I can always find a familiar face mixed in with the crowd, but I always meet someone new everyday. It’s that great sense of community where you can say hi to anyone. There’s also always someone who doesn’t mind waiting the extra minute to hold the door open for you.

There are countless ways to get involved in student life on campus through clubs, university events, and athletic sporting events. The pride is definitely strong as everyone on campus loves getting involved with student life events and there’s even some fun rivalry of the classes.

Hofstra goes beyond academics by offering leadership opportunities and future career planning assistance. There are always ways to build your resume by getting involved on campus through the university and by taking advantage of the on campus resources. Since professors at Hofstra are still actively involved in the professional world they have strong connections in NYC to help you get ahead with internships and great opportunities.

Hofstra really is a place to try new things. The community at Hofstra is so diverse and with the proximity to New York City there are always fun cultural events and festivals to get involved in and get a taste of a new culture.

Hofstra not only helps you succeed, but truly wants to see you succeed.

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