Wednesday, December 21, 2011

End of the Semester Fun at Hofstra

I can’t believe this semester is over already, it’s really gone by quickly! I’m half way done with my last year of college, and it’s so scary/exciting! I spent a good portion of my fall semester studying and doing homework. One thing I’m very proud of is the manuscript of poetry I wrote for my  Creative Writing thesis project. I didn’t know I could write 35 pages of poetry, and once it was all finished it felt like a huge accomplishment. It was great to see the finished product of a semester’s worth of hard work.

My semester wasn’t all work, of course. I had a lot of fun to. One of the highlights for me was getting to see Louis C.K. as part of Hofstra’s Fall Festival. The Fall Festival is becoming a really great tradition at Hofstra; it’s a sort of Welcome Back for current students and a Welcome to Hofstra for new first-year students and transfers. Plus, it gives alumni the chance to come back and see all of the changes and improvements Hofstra is making. And, let’s not forget that there’s free food and free entertainment – two of my favorite things for sure. The concert, which included Joan Jett, Salt N’ Peppa, Taking Back Sunday, and Rick Ross, was free and a lot of fun. After the concert, Louis C.K. performed at the Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex, and tickets only cost five dollars. I’m a huge Louis C.K. fan, and his show was really awesome. It was a great way to start the semester!

I also had a lot of fun off campus this semester. I went into New York City a few times. In September, my boyfriend and I went to Central Park. Even though Hofstra is so close to New York City, I’d never been to Central Park before. It’s huge! And it was a really beautiful day, so we got to walk around and explore. We also went to the Museum of Natural History – another place I’ve never been. It was a really fun way to spend the day. On another day, I went into the city to see Elbow, one of my favorite bands, perform at Terminal 5. I love having New York City so close to campus, it’s so easy to go spend a day or evening  doing something awesome in the city.

New York City is also awesome for professional development things. As part of the Hofstra Advertising Club, I got to attend the Advertising Women of New York Career Conference (and the Zarb Business School paid my registration fee!). It was an incredible experience; I learned so much about the advertising industry, got a ton of great career advice, and made connections with other students and with professionals. 

Another fun thing I did this semester was attend a Rangers/Islanders game at the Nassau Coliseum. Since it’s right next door to Hofstra, it was easy to get tickets and go see the rivals play. I’m a rangers fan, and I was very happy when the Rangers won that game.
Now that the semester is over, I’m definitely looking forward to winter break. I worked really hard, so I can’t wait to relax a little. Plus, I start my internship at an advertising agency in Brooklyn in early January, and I’m so excited to jump in and start working there. This winter break is going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully spring semester (my last semester! AH! Scary!) will be just as much fun! 

Happy Holidays! 

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