Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Semester on RHA

Hi Everyone! My name is Nadeem, and I’m a sophomore psychology major with a minor in dissability studies from Clifton, New Jersey.

Last semester I had the opportunity to serve as the secretary on the E-Board of the Resident Hall Association, and it was such an amazing experience. We're a club on campus that tries to improve the quality of living here at Hofstra for residential students. We provide programs students may be interested in, as well as promote a safe and welcoming community.

Last semester we had some very successful events that we put on for residential students here at Hofstra. We had the "Wiener Welcome" which welcomed students back from break by giving them free food and prizes, as well as "BOO Bingo!" They were both so much fun- because who doesn't love free food and bingo? 

My favorite event last semester was "Roll with RHA." We built a roller skating rink inside of Hofstra USA for our resident students to come de-stress and roller skate! It was so amazing and everyone had a lot of fun. I'm hoping that we can try to do it again this semester.

Being on RHA has given me so many amazing opportunities. From working with a great staff to being a part of the Office of Residential Life and working with such an amazing E-Board, it has been the experience of a lifetime! I encourage all resident students to come and join our RHA family and help us create more fun activities!



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