Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Application Tips and Tricks!

With the Early Action II deadline coming up on December 15, we came up with some helpful tips the make the process a little easier. Check them out!

1. Be Yourself

Hofstra wants to see who you really are. The greatest thing about the Hofstra Pride is that we accept and celebrate everyone. Trust us when we say there’s a place for you here. Don't be afraid to be yourself, because that’s the best version of you.

2. Don’t Stress

We’ve all been there. Applying to college can be a stressful time. As long as you manage your time well, you’ll be okay. Try to apply Early Action if you can. That way you’ll get your decision by mid-December. It’ll be a huge weight off. It’s just one less thing to worry about once you get your application in.

3. Read It Over

Do not be afraid to ask for help with your application. Take your essays to an English teacher and they’ll help you revise them. If you want to submit a portfolio, double check with a teacher to make sure you have everything you want to submit. Don’t forget to take your time with your application, and check it over a few times before you send it to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

4. Visit

Hofstra University hosts numerous visit events each semester. Take advantage of them so you can familiarize yourself with our campus and programs. You’ll feel more and more at home the more you visit, and speaking from personal experience, you’ll be more excited to return to campus. Come to our open houses, College for a Day events, or just sign up for a campus tour or an Up-Close shadowing day!

5. Ask Questions

You’ll probably have your admission counselor visit your high school at one point or another. Make an effort to get to know them and understand what you need to do in order to apply. They’ll make applying painless and restore your self-confidence in such a stressful 
time. They’ll walk you through anything you need.

6. Relax

We get it. College seems intimidating and so far away. Senior year of high school goes by in a flash. Just pace yourself when applying, send your applications in early, and take a deep breath. Enjoy the holidays and the rest of senior year because you deserve it. We hope to see you soon as part of the Pride. 

**Our best piece of advice is to get to know your Pride Guides! We were in your shoes once, and we completely understand what you’re going through. Take advantage of what we have to offer and how we found the school that best fit us! Coming to an Admission event is always beneficial, but if you want a more in-depth experience, sign up for an Up-Close visit, where you spend the day as a Hofstra student! You’ll attend an actual class you could take for your major, speak with students, and really witness the Hofstra Pride in its everyday state.

We wish you great success, little to no stress, an easy application process, and a wonderful senior year. We hope to see you soon!

Written by: Brittany McGowan & Ariel McHone

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