Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hofstra on the Move!

Hey Boston Peoples!

My name is Alex and I'm one of the Pride Guides at Hofstra University! I'm so excited to say that Hofstra and I will be heading your way on March 13th! It's exciting for me to be heading out into a different city and meeting prospective students who are interested in Hofstra and some of whom have already been accepted.

Boston has always been a favorite city of mine for many reasons including everything from the Boston aquarium to George's Island to the Gardener Museum. I do have to say that despite being in Long Island and right outside of New York City where the food is supposed to be the best in the world, nothing can compare to a good old lobster roll on the Wharf. I can't wait to see what Boston has to offer for me this time around.

The event that I will be attending will be held at the Burlington Marriott on March 13th at 7pm. Along with me there will also be other students attending from Hofstra, two admissions counselors including Katie Shine (who is the counselor for Massachusetts) as well as Lindsay Salvucci. In addition, we will also be joined by Hofstra Professor of Philosophy and Senior Associate Dean for First-Year Programs, Terry Godlove.

Attending this event can answer all your Hofstra, and college questions.  I remember when I was going through my college search and the number one thing that stood out to me was being able to talk with someone close to my age and getting a real answer as to what was college from their perspective. Can you make friends easily; do people really stay up all night doing homework, and what is there really to do on campus? I also remember meeting the counselor who made the decision on my application and shaking from how nervous I was to meet him and fearing if I said the wrong thing we would retract my acceptance decision. Turns out he’s a great guy and I’m not sure what I was worried about!  If the right questions are asked you can even figure out how to have some free trips into New York City!

I hope to meet a bunch of new students, answer some questions, and learn from those who live in Boston, where I should be spending my free time while I'm in Boston!

For anyone who may be reading this and does not live in the Boston area, please be sure to visit to schedule a visit to campus or see when we are coming to your town!

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