Monday, November 26, 2012


As I pulled back onto campus, unloaded my bags, and settled back into my dorm room I definitely missed the homey feel of Hofstra over thanksgiving break. But, while I was being thankful for family and friends at home, I was also being thankful for all that Hofstra has given me:

My Hofstra family. There is such a huge sense of community at Hofstra. Walking to class I always run into familiar faces and new faces, and no matter who it is, there is always somebody who waits an extra minute to hold the door open or share a smile with.

Hofstra professors. All of my professors are extremely supportive and are determined to help me succeed in my academic and career oriented goals. And, with the smaller class sizes (14-1) I really have been given the opportunity to get to know my professors.

Hofstra employees. Up studying all night and are suddenly starved at 1 am? Taking a run to Dutch Treats always has me leaving with a smile, not just because of the food, but because of the caring employees that crack jokes and cheer me up after a long night of studying.

Proximity to NYC. Since Hofstra is located on Long Island, we have a great suburban campus. Hofstra is also a registered arboretum, so campus is absolutely stunning with all the scenery; no matter what season it is, it always feels like a fairy tale on campus. Plus, we’re still close enough to NYC for students to get involved in all the opportunities the city offers. It’s really the best of both worlds.

The Career Center. Knowing that in a few years I’m going to be out in the real world searching for a job is daunting. But the Career Center offers multiple on campus job and internship fairs, advice on resumes and cover letters, and mock interviews. It’s fantastic how much they can prepare you beyond the classroom.

Endless Opportunities. I admit I was so excited when I heard that Hofstra was hosting Debate 2012. Along with the special opportunities, classes, and speakers focused around the debate, there are also so many workshops and conferences on campus that students can freely participate in that are not only just geared towards students, but also for current professionals in the field.

Hofstra cats. Those adorable little fur balls that sneak around campus? Yeah, they make my day.

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