Monday, November 5, 2012


The Fall Open House was a fantastic opportunity to see Hofstra’s beautiful campus come alive.  It was one of those chances to see everything Hofstra had to offer and get a taste of student life on campus.

I’ve heard that you never really see a campus until you’ve taken the time to go and actually visit the campus in person.  When you’re standing on campus, that’s when you look around and see that Hofstra is meant for you. At least, that’s the way it happened for me: I was starstruck.

On Sunday the campus was filled with future pridesters roaming around campus with their white Hofstra Admissions bags: checking out the Hofstra student life scene and imagining living here next fall.

The departments all had their presentations up and ready to go. The various programs Hofstra offered on the list of scheduled events was like walking into an ice-cream shop and just seeing all the incredible flavors and forgetting what you want. There’s so much available on campus to help you succeed with your future career goals.

The different tours running around campus can get a little overwhelming with so much to see, but I absolutely love campus and all the trees. And right now, with the crisp autumn days, I can’t get enough of the scenery.

Hofstra’s Fall Open House was a great opportunity to be a pridester for a day. Take any pictures while here? Tweet them at us! @HofPrideGuide

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