Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Student life and activities

There is always something to do on campus.  After tackling the mountain of homework and studying, there are always activities happening on campus for students to get involved in.

There are over 150 clubs and organizations on campus, all of which typically hold weekly meetings. There are campus events and activities; some of this week’s events includes the 2nd annual dodge ball competition against the classes and Autumnfest. There are campus wide events and concerts, such as Vibe Live and Debate2012. There are presentations and workshops, this weekend there is the Student Leadership Conference on campus. There are also free movie nights on the weekends and coffee house every Thursday showcasing local artists and bands. Each school also hosts their own events to help students get ahead and get involved with their future career.

Of course there are always other ways students have fun on campus incase you missed any of the other activities happening during the week. But I can promise you, with everything happening on campus, you will never be bored.  There are multiple ways to get involved in student life; you just have to explore the options!

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