Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Time in New Hampshire

As a member of the radio station and being from New Hampshire I had the amazing opportunity to cover the New Hampshire Primary.  It was an eye opening experience and not only are you seeing it through your own eyes but through the politicians, voters and other members of the media. 

I grew up in New Hampshire and never realized how much went into the Primary and being a part of the media was so much fun! I had the privilege of interviewing New Hampshire’s Governor John Lynch which was very exciting; especially hearing his views about the Primary. I also attended the Rick Santorum speech and heard him address his supporters and it was fun being on the media side of things.  

The six of us that covered the Primary were there covering everything from the beginning until the speeches after the votes had been tallied and it was great to see it and nice to hear our hard work on our radio station WRHU. 

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